Safe, Biological, Eco-Friendly Pest Control

I ❤️ discovering new eco-friendly options for the home, inside and out and plan to share more of these options and my finds with you through my blog!

Over the last several years while learning more about green living, eco-friendly building and furniture options I’ve ditched toxic chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, household cleaners, detergents, fragrances, etc., in and around our own home.

Our home is no longer cluttered with bottles of hair & body products scattered about the shower and bath, we no longer keep bottles of toxic cleaning chemicals under the sink, no more gallon jugs of laundry detergents and bleach. We’ve done away with cabinets of candles, air fresheners, plug-ins, and our pantry is no longer bursting at the seams with various fake food. Our garage walls are no longer lined with shelves of chemicals, sprays, fertilizers, etc., we can fit both vehicles in the garage AND walk around them!

It’s such a refreshing change. We no longer need to find or create extra space for all of this “disposable” trash-to-be.

We’ve replaced the common toxic outdoor pesticides, insecticides, larvicides with biological pest control or “biopesticides".

Biopesticides are found in nature and made of living things or come from living things.

We love and cherish our family, pets, friends, neighbors and the wild-life around us and we want our pets and visitors to be able to run and play in a non-toxic environment. Choosing these non-toxic options translate to cleaner water, cleaner soils, less air pollution, less toxic crops/gardens as many toxic “-cides” are carried via the air.

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We now use beneficial nematodes for pest control. I gotta wonder - why did it take me 40 years to hear about and implement something like this!! Has your pest control service ever offered this option?

So, what are beneficial nematodes?

They are microscopic, colorless, non-segmented worms that live in our soil and occupy almost every soil habitat on earth, both land and water!

There are thousands of kinds of nematodes both beneficial or entomopathic nematodes and non-beneficial or plant parasitic nematodes.

Beneficial nematodes are used to control soil inhabiting insects and above ground pests with no harmful effects on humans, animals, plants or earthworms. These beneficial nematodes do not control pests found in leafy canopies but they are effective against over 230 soil borne insects like ANTS, ARMY WORMS, black vine weevils, cabbage root maggots, carpenter worms, CHIGGERS, coding moth larvae, corn ear worms, cucumber beetles. cutworms. FLEA larvae, FLEA beetles, FLY larvae, fungus gnat larvae, gypsy moth larvae, Japanese beetles, June beetles, peach tree borers, strawberry weevils, TERMITES, engorged female TICKS, weevils, and white grub - just to name a few!

These LIVE nematodes need to be stored in the refrigerator until applied. The containers are pint sized and cover up to 10,800 square feet.

Ideally, it’s best to apply just after a rain or after irrigation while outdoor conditions are warm and moist and while soil temperatures are between 55-90 °F in filtered sun.

Check out Nature's Creation safe biological pest control to learn more (link below).

These beneficial nematodes can be purchased through participating dealers. Call ahead to check supply.

This blog is not sponsored or promoted by any product companies. These are products I use in and around my own home.